Holiday parties, birthday parties, no-other-reason-to-party-than-to-party parties! You name it. Be fun, be kooky, be serious if you like, as long as you’re having fun. We do our best to capture that fun for you!

Corporate Events

Corporate events are something we do often. We can have a photographer roam your event and take candid pictures of your guest, for your guests, or we can set up a booth and let your guests come to us. Various backgrounds and props are available to add that special festive touch!


Celebrate birth, celebrate milestones, or just celebrate life itself! You love to celebrate moments in life, and Grins2Go loves to celebrate them with you! Indoors or outdoors, on the beach or in your back yard. We have setups for different sized events, from a few people to hundreds of people, we’re equipped for it and ready to go … with a grin!


Everybody loves Santa! It just so happens we are in good with old Saint Nick, and he told us he’ll drop everything he has planned just so he can help us make your event the greatest possible! Even during the holiday season, when he’s the busiest, he’ll be there!


(Norther California Only)

During such special moments in people lives, they want to capture the moments from the proper angles, but at the same time they don’t want photographers that get in the way of the event itself. We do our best to work quietly in the background so nobody is distracted from the beauty of the occasion. Weddings and unions are important. Your memories and photos should reflect that!